Deleted a Recurring Meeting without sending updates??? Solution is here.

Another day in the office. A cry came through phone from an admin who manages multiple conference rooms. "Please Help!! I have deleted a recurring meeting without sending updates? IT..Please help us to delete the meeting from all attendees".  Mind it it’s more than 20 attendees and she don’t want to call everyone to tell them to delete manually. It’s embarrassing for her.

I assured, "I am all here to help her issue".

Okay that must be a easiest job. 10 second work for a Exchange administrator like me. I open the conference room mailbox and opened the "Deleted Items" folder.  Within 10 seconds I realized it’s not a easy job. Because I didn’t find any deleted meetings in "Deleted Items" folder. What else? I tried "Tools –> Recover Deleted Items". No luck over there too.

Little investigation, I finally found out how to recover the deleted item and save the day. Here is how.

1. Open the Conference Room mailbox in Outlook.
2. Open Calendar (by clicking Calendar Button in Outlook 2003 and up OR Calendar Folder in Outlook 2002 and down)
3. Click Tools –> Recover Deleted Items
4. Find your deleted meeting and recover it.

I recovered the meeting and I called her. I told her to delete the meeting again, but send updates this time. So like I said, another day one of those Exchange admin guy saves the day. 🙂

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