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RDS 2012: Redirect RDWEB page from IIS Default (root) site

After you successfully deployed RD Web Access server users have to type or you create a link to reach this page.

To make it easier you may want to redirect to It’s easier than you thought. Follow the steps below.

  • Remote Desktop to RD Web Access Server.
  • Open Server manager and Click on IIS on the left side bar.


  • Right click on RD Web Access server and select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Expand to Default Web Site.


  • Double click on image  (HTTP Redirect) under IIS section.
  • Match the settings as in the picture below.
    • Check the box Redirect requests to this destination
    • Type /RDWeb/Pages as redirect destination
    • Uncheck the box for Redirect all requests to exact destination…
    • Check the box for Only redirect requests to content in this directory..
    • Select Status code as Found (302)


That’s all now, try typing (or whatever your website URL is), it will redirect to the RDWeb page. Enjoy.


Being in Silicon Valley for years, I became a IT Infrastructure Geek by experience and surrounded by other Geeks everywhere. I try to help others by the solutions I found on odd occasions.

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