RDS 2012: Redirect RDWEB page from IIS Default (root) site

After you successfully deployed RD Web Access server users have to type https://RemoteApps.company.com/RDWeb/Pages/en-US/Default.aspx or you create a link to reach this page.

To make it easier you may want to redirect https://remoteapps.company.com to https://RemoteApps.company.com/RDWeb/Pages/en-US/Default.aspx. It’s easier than you thought. Follow the steps below.

  • Remote Desktop to RD Web Access Server.
  • Open Server manager and Click on IIS on the left side bar.


  • Right click on RD Web Access server and select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Expand to Default Web Site.


  • Double click on image  (HTTP Redirect) under IIS section.
  • Match the settings as in the picture below.
    • Check the box Redirect requests to this destination
    • Type /RDWeb/Pages as redirect destination
    • Uncheck the box for Redirect all requests to exact destination…
    • Check the box for Only redirect requests to content in this directory..
    • Select Status code as Found (302)


That’s all now, try typing https://remoteapp.company.com (or whatever your website URL is), it will redirect to the RDWeb page. Enjoy.

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