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  1. RaKesH KadaMpanaD says:


  2. bhaskar says:

    Hi Anand, Its been a long time….How are you.Well iam badly and urgently in need of a script.The question is :-
    I want a script which gives active enabled users information from Active directory.I want the information as below mentioned fields:-

    First Name
    Last Name
    NT ID
    Region and Site
    Email ID
    PPS ID
    Full Address

    I want the output in a excel sheet and mainly i will be running the script remotely.

    Please help me…If you can give me the script with above mentioned details,i will be very very great full to you.Iam eagerly waiting you to help me out in this issue.

    Also you can reach me at bhaskar.v25@gmail.com


  3. bhaskar says:

    HI Anand, I am waiting for your reply.PLease iam doing this manually. Your help in this regard is highly appreciated.


  4. Eddie Vasquez says:

    Great site Anand! I was wondering if you have a script that will identify AD accounts that are about to expire and send an email to the individual. Thanks in advance.

  5. Eddie Vasquez says:

    Absolutely! I really apprieciate it.

  6. john sophy says:


    I am trying to use your script PowerShell 3.0: How to get Office 365 Service Health alerts in email? (from RSS feed)
    i am unable to get the email message sent. If this script to be run from exchange powershell, regaular powershell or Microsoft Online Services Module for Windows PowerShell?

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