SCOM: The crazy “MomUIGeneratedRule” with crazy numbers in reports, What’s up Microsoft SCOM Dev team?

This is really bad! Microsoft SCOM dev team. I mean really really bad. After I installed the SCOM product and we started using it. My boss have high hopes on this product.

Here is what happened. I created new Performance collection rules for specific counters on our few servers. After few days I can right click on a server in Monitoring section, view the performance charts on custom performance counter collected data. All is good. Now is the time to show some magic reports to my boss and other business groups.  After I created a nice looking reports on those custom performance counters, This is what I see.


Look for Performance counter name and I found MomUIGeneratedRule5358b26b129b4a03b2e6b14862f9b4ea. I have no clue what chart I am looking at. Boss isn’t happy about this.

I found this solution at that works for me.  That blog post explains this,

1. Find your custom management pack that contains your Performance Counter collection. To do this, go to “Authoring” section, search for your performance counter name (or whatever the name you name it, I usually name my custom overrides starting with underscore like _IIS Web Service). Once you find it open the properties of the override, you will find the management pack name. (usually custom one, named by you).

2. Find the Management pack in Administration section and export the management pack.

3. Open the exported management pack XML file in Notepad.

4. Search for “Language Pack” element.  Modify IsDefault attribute to true. The default value was set to false.

5. Locate for ManagementPack –> Manifest –> Identity –> Version. Change the version number to higher than the existing number.

6. Save the changes and close Notepad.

7. Import the Management pack. Rerun the report. Now the Rule/Instance/Object name will show the correct names in Report.

Good Luck if it works for you. I am hoping this is fixed in R2.

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