“Access Denied” when try to move or copy files to Windows Share

I had an user complaining she can’t copy or move or delete files on a windows share where she had a full access. When I asked her what’s the error message she gets. She said it’s “Access Denied”.

I knew what was going on. I resolved it with the following steps.

Solution 1:

  • Open Command Prompt
  • Type “Net Use”
  • If you see the share already listed with or without a drive name, delete the share with the following command
    • Share without a drive letter: Net Use \servernamesharename /delete
    • Share with a drive letter (network drive): Net Use Drive: /delete
  • Try open the share now

If the above solution doesn’t work, follow the next solution.

Solution 2:

for XP machines:

  • Open Control Panel and Open “User Accounts”


  • Click Advanced –> Manage Passwords. Delete any entry if you see related to your Windows Share.



If you use Vista, follow this.

  • Click Orb and type “User account” and select “User Accounts” from the search results
  • Click the link on the left side of the window that says “Manage your network passwords”


  • Then as you predicted, delete the password entry of the problematic windows share.

Hope I helped some on your quest of resolving this issue.

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